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Daily Sol (Wholesale 24x Case)

Daily Sol (Wholesale 24x Case)

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A Natural Mineral-Based Hydration Drink.

Wholesale Case of 24x Cans

We believe in real food so our goal was to create a hydration drink without all the extra junk - no powders, artificial flavors, and definitely no added sugar.

Daily Sol uses the perfect mix of Himalayan salt, organic lemon juice, and natural spring water to create the perfect solution to your daily hydration habit. 

Daily Sol only uses a dash of Himalayan salt and a squirt of lemon juice to create a refreshing way to start your day...or have after a workout, or before a workout, or when you feel sluggish, or after the party, or the morning after the party...

Ingredients: Water, Organic Lemon Juice, Himalayan Salt

Nutrition Facts: 2 calories per 12oz can, 864mg Sodium, 0g Total Fat, <1g carbs


What is Salt-Based Hydration?

Our bodies can lose up to a teaspoon of salt (2,300 mg of sodium) in just one hour of moderate exercise and proper hydration requires replenishing those lost minerals. Salt deficiency can lead to sugar cravings, increased heart rate and weight gain, while adequate salt intake can improve our daily functions like sleep, energy levels, mental focus, and more!

  • Who is Daily Sol for?

    Daily Sol was made to be a natural and healthy way for anyone (and everyone) to stay hydrated. It can also be very useful to people who follow Keto, low-carb, paleo, or fasting diets.

  • What is the difference between Daily Sol and Sol Spark?

    Daily Sol is the non-carbonated version and Sol Spark is lightly carbonated, otherwise they have the exact same ingredients.

  • What is your return politcy?

    We have a super easy, no-questions-asked refund guarantee. if you don't like it, send back any unused cans and we'll process your refund.

  • How many servings are in each pack of Daily Sol?

    Each pack comes with 12 ready-to-drink servings already packaged in a can for your easy enjoyment.

  • How many ingredients are in Daily Sol?

    We only use Himalayan salt, lemon juice and water! Nothing artificial or extracted in a lab.

  • How many servings should I take per day?

    We generally recommend sticking to only 1-2 cans each day, and make sure you are drinking enough regular water too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The Hot Yoga Studio
BEST Hydration Drink!

As a hot yoga studio owner, hydration is key! The students pick Sol Hydration over all the others we carry!

Tony Harley

*WHOLESALE* Daily Sol (24x cans)

Loren Bleau
So helpful!

We love this product and we’re so happy to be able to purchase in bulk. Thank you!!