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We are on a mission to Hydrate the World

The world is water, we are water.

And yet 75% of the US adult population still suffers from chronic dehydration.

Our goal is to start raising awareness and then provide the easiest solution. The smallest step forward to improving yourself by committing to hydrate yourself each day and hopefully we can use that momentum to create a better world for the future.  

We believe in small, sustainable changes.

We are living in an increasingly disconnected world. The smallest behavior changes can make truly significant impacts on ourselves and the people around us.  By reconnecting with nature, our bodies, and our friends we can start building a better life for ourselves and those around us.

Real, Natural Ingredients. Less powders.

We have too many powders and fake ingredients in our lives. Breaking down food into extremely precise measurements isn't a sustainable way for animals (much less humans) to live or thrive. We are all different shapes, we live different lives, our bodies react differently.

Instead of measuring out exact numbers in a lab and telling everyone "we've figured it out", we wanted to provide a simpler way to hydrate. Himalayan Salt, Lemon, and Water.


Water is the Problem, Water is the Solution.