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Our Story:

I started Sol Water Company in January 2020 as the capstone project to my Rutgers MBA. I noticed that the lemon-salt mix was growing in popularity among athletes and high performance communities as a simple way to prep your body before taking on the day. While there were lots of powdered substitutes, there wasn't a true (and natural) option for people to buy it.

This was a drink that I've been making myself for the past 3 years, but there was a couple problems: 

If you make it yourself (like most do) the salt takes some time to dissolve, so it was tough to regulate exactly how much was actually mixed in.Cutting and squeezing the lemons, while a nice way to start your morning, wasn't totally functional for truly busy people.It wasn't portable! 

After pitching the business plan, passing my final class, and graduating from Rutgers, I bought a simple can-seamer and started to put it into cans for my friends and family. This let us refine then formula and make it something that (most) people will enjoy. 

We did a soft launch in July 2020 with the cans that I was making myself and it was a huge hit! Not only did we get incredible feedback from the athletes who were already making this, but we learned that lots of other people have heard of the lemon-salt mix and it was becoming popular in other niche markets as well.

In August, we found a small non-alcoholic beverage manufacturer that could mass produce it. So we updated the cans and went all in! We made about 4,500 cans and now our plan is to spread the word and hydrate the world!

-Calvin, Founder & CEO