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Water, Light, Movement

Posted by Calvin Engle on
Water, Light, Movement

The CDC estimates that between 50M-70M Americans have a sleep disorder! Don’t be one of them.


How you wake up sets the tone for your day. Do you slide out of bed and slink through your social media, or do you have a purpose with your actions? You want to take control of your day from the word go. So hydrate immediately (not with coffee!), then seek light and get moving to reset your internal clock. That’s three simple things to do within twenty minutes of waking – and your day will be primed for perfection.

- Excerpt from “Own the Day, Own your Life” by Aubrey Marcus



While I was already making the lemon/salt drink as part of my morning routine for a few years, Aubrey Marcus’ New York Times Bestseller: “Own the Day, Own your Life” was the first time I saw it popularized in a more mainstream publication. If you haven’t read this book, I would highly recommend it, not only does it cover hydration and diet tips, but it covers so many of the “lifestyle” tips that are either highly neglected in today’s conventional society OR being discovered as underrated goldmines for athletes and high performance seekers.

Here’s a link to buy the book. It’s required reading for anyone we consider for the Sol Water team (true story).

The first chapter breaks down your perfect morning routine by focusing on three things: Water, Light, and Movement. This simple formula will help you get back on your natural circadian rhythm leading to better sleep and waking up ready to “own the day”.



78% of Americans are chronically dehydrated! One of the biggest reasons for this dehydration is that the majority of us (myself included) are addicted to that “morning coffee”, which turns into “all-day coffee”. While caffeine isn’t entirely bad, it is a diuretic, which means it will lead to further dehydration. If you drink it on an empty stomach it can also release a flood of stress hormones which can lead to even bigger problems.

We are not telling you to give up coffee! Instead, consider drinking the “morning mineral cocktail”, consisting of 12 ounces of water, a little bit of salt, and some fresh lemon. OR if you’re pressed for time, try a Sol Water! 😉

The salt is crucial, because dehydration is not just caused by lack of water, but also lack of electrolytes and minerals. You lose these when you exercise but also when you sleep! So starting your day properly hydrated is an absolute necessity if you want to perform at your best (and still enjoy your daily coffee).


Humans, like plants, need more than water to survive. They also need LIGHT. This part is even more important if you are someone who has trouble sleeping because it will help set (or reset) your circadian rhythm.

You have heard of the dangers of “blue light”, however blue light is not bad! The sun is blue light and the sun is literally the reason why life exists. The danger comes from the dangerous blue light that we encounter outside of our natural interaction with the sun, and this blue light is what throws off our circadian rhythm.

To fix this, just make sure you let your body experience some blue light (preferably from the sun) in the morning to start your circadian rhythm and then try your best to avoid blue light after dinner. Blue light blockers work great for this if you need to watch TV or work on the computer after 7PM.


This one is the simplest, but surprisingly the hardest for Light exercise in the morning, like a walk or even a few jumping jacks, is scientifically proven to boost circulation, improve cognitive performance, and release endorphins.


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