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Sol Water FAQs

Posted by Calvin Engle on
Sol Water FAQs

75% of American adults experience chronic dehydration. Most people are aware of the importance of hydration, but they don't know it isn't just caused by lack of water but also insufficient essential minerals, like salt!

What is Sol Water?
An all-natural electrolyte beverage that combines Himalayan salt, lemon juice and water to create a sports drink to replace the current options full of chemicals, sugars and fake flavors.
Why does it taste salty?
Because it has salt! Salt is the oldest mineral supplement known to mankind and it’s how we are able to make Sol Water into a healthy and 100% natural replacement for more mainstream sports drinks that use sugars and chemicals.
But isn’t salt bad?
NO! Salt has been unfairly linked to heart disease because of a simple correlation (not causation) with high blood pressure. Recent studies are proving that this link has very little to do with high salt intake causing those health issues and rather due to how the standard American diet of highly processed foods happens to include higher sodium. In fact, most healthy eaters are found to be sodium deficient causing major health issues.
Why is salt so important?
Unlike sugar, salt is an essential nutrient for proper bodily functions. If you do not consume enough your body will actually start to panic and send signals (cravings) to tell you to eat more salt! Unfortunately, these cravings are typically misunderstood, and people end up trying to satisfy them with sugar and refined carbs. This creates a negative feedback loop causing more cravings and ultimately leads to increased insulin levels, weight gain, and the rise of type 2 diabetes.
So who should drink Sol Water?
Everyone! By ensuring you are getting adequate salt in your diet your body will not only function better overall, but it will stop sending those signals to eat salt (or worse, sugar) causing you to make bad food choices throughout the day.  However, Sol Water is especially important for people who already consider themselves “clean-eaters”, as these people are most likely to have a sodium deficient diet.
When do I drink Sol Water?
Most people drink Sol Water first thing in the morning because it’s the perfect way to hydrate and set your entire day up for success, but you can also enjoy Sol Water right after an especially sweaty workout to replenish those electrolytes and start to recover.

Who is Sol Water Company?
Thanks for asking! We’re a brand-new company started in Hoboken, New Jersey. We love being active and believe that if you truly want to make a difference in the world you need to make actionable and effective changes.
That’s why Sol Water aims to “Hydrate the World” by educating individuals on the importance of hydration (and salt) and provide them with an easy and actionable solution – SOL WATER.

Essential to our mission is not only helping people but helping the World. That’s why for every can of Sol Water we sell we pledge to donate 5 cents to help save the Amazon Rainforest (the lungs of the world).

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